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Title: Come Back... Be Here [Genderswapped]
Artist: Taylor Swift
Played: 228 times

Come Back… Be Here | Taylor Swift

↳ Red (Deluxe Version)


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Taylor here. I’m locking myself in my room and not leaving until I figure out how to use my Tumblr. Well, I might leave for a second to get a snack or something but that is IT. I am FOCUSED. I have lots of questions, help me.



ask away sweet one!!!!

Is re blogging what I’m doing right now and is this the best way to write back to someone?
Also how do I get GIFs?
How do you post them?
How do I have one of those convos you always see screen shots of on Instagram?
Is that by re blogging or is there some sort of conversation board on here?
Overwhelmed. Taking deep breaths.

Oh Taylor honey you have so much to learn

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just randomly came across your blog today and, Ermygerd! this blog is "sparkling". just flawless! everything i've been looking for is in one blog! is this even real?!?!? I can't even!

haha thank you, i’m glad you like the blog!

09-05 • 17:28
All Too Well male version

already posted here

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Title: The Moment I Knew [Genderswapped]
Artist: Taylor Swift
Played: 778 times

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the shake it off one isn't working for me :/ amazing job by the way I honestly thought it was a guy singing covers

thanks for the heads up about shake it off, it should play now

and haha thanks i’m glad people think they’re convincing edits

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check out the new navi page i made to better organise the blog

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your blog is basically nate ruess of fun. singing taylor songs

haha yeah i see what you mean, it does kind of sound like him 

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Title: Superstar [Genderswapped]
Artist: Taylor Swift
Played: 588 times

Superstar | Taylor Swift

↳ Fearless (Platinum Edition)

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i was uploading superstar and i kept putting it under the speak now album i’m such an idiot

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